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Antoine Horenbeek is a Brussels-based photographer and architect specializing in documentary and architecture photography. He has long been fascinated ed in photography and his interests in art and architecture have enriched his abilities to tell stories through his lens.

While studying architecture at La Cambre-Horta (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and architecture, photography & graphic design at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid), he travelled across continents to follow his interests in architecture and documentary photography. After graduation, he first began working as an architect and then as a freelance photographer. Since 2015, he has collaborated with architecture and urban planning offices, artist collectives, NGO's and medias in Belgium and Brazil.

He is interested in cities, urban landscape and development, aesthetics of emptiness and informal city. He has explored these notions in projects such as Brésil, l'aube (2015-present) or Ethiopia (2016). Architecture of the people and intimacy are also themes that emerges from his work, especially in the project Intimate Favela (2018), where he was an overnight guest at the homes of people living in a few of Rio de Janeiro's many favelas. The links between architecture and intimacy are also found in his series Mexico (2019) which shows both intriguing and paradoxically intimate images of the streets in Mexico.

His photographs aim to approach the urban and social aspects of the places we live in and develop a new point of view about the urbanized space and the way in which people use it.

Selected Exhibitions

Intimate Favela, Maison Stepman, Brussels, November-December 2021
Collective exhibition, Académie Constantin Meunier, Brussels, June 2021
Casa CariocaMuseu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro, September 2020-August 2021
Mexico, Maison Stepman, Brussels, September 2020

Selected Publications

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Collaborations & clients

1010 architecture & urbanism, AC Plus Architecture, Catalytic Communities, ERU - Etudes et Recherches Urbaines, Foyer Schaerbeekois, Le Logement Molenbeekois, Mediane, Olivia Gustot Architecte, RioOnWatch, SSM Seraing, Tetra Kayzer Associés, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Urban Architectes