6 Mars 2019

On assignment for Tetra Kayser Architectes Associés
in Altwies, Luxembourg.

11 December 2018

One of my photographs taken in Complexo do Alemão was published in the Journal Periferias to illustrate the article “Catalytic Communities: The Role of the Peripheries in Democracy” by Luisa Fenizola.

I took this image in Complexo do Alemão’s Central Avenue on May 27, 2018 as dancers, poets, and rappers convened to celebrate the one year anniversary of Slam Laje, Alemão’s first poetry slam.

16 November 2018

Portrait of Arlison Rosa.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

24 August 2018

Portrait of my grandmother.
Brussels, Belgium.

9 July 2018

I am taking photographs for Tetra Kayser Associés in Müllendorf, Luxembourg.

19 June 2018

20 April 2018

I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, untill the end of June for a photography collaboration with the NGO Catalytic Communities. The project aims to document favela architecture, homes and lives through photography.

The photos are going to be published in RioOnWatch.org

More info and images coming soon.

20 March 2018

I am taking photographs for Urban Architects in Namur, Belgium.

3 March 2018

My photographs taken in Japan from the serie Aesthetic of Space were published in “ARCHsharing #1 Living and Working in Tokyo”.

27 December 2017

Work in progress in Charleroi, Belgium.

I am working on a new series: “Pays Noir“

In 2008, a survey of the Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant' cited Charleroi as the ugliest place in the world. This former mining town in southern Belgium was the center of a vast coalfield, now completely abandoned, formerly known as ‘Pays Noir’. Since its decline, the city has often suffered a very bad reputation in Belgium and elsewhere.

The intention of this photo series is to give a more accurate and realistic vision of this city. The aim is to show new points of view on the industrial and natural landscape, the architecture and the inhabitants of this city that is full of poetic and unknown places. Without taking part in the debate on the beauty of Charleroi, these photos will give reading keys to understand better this unique city in the world.

27 November 2017

I am taking photographs about the ”Productive City” for a public invitation to tender in Brussels, Belgium.

30 September 2015

I am taking photographs for Teatro de Afeto, a brazilian theatre collective based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang. I am following their rehearsal in Rio de Janeiro.